Creative business: how to make money on photographic paintings


Photographs are a great option for aspiring entrepreneurs. You can start with a capital of 30 thousand rubles, and as a result, develop a business with a monthly profit of 160 thousand rubles. The main advantage of this business is that you can create real works of art, realizing all your creative potential.

If you have an artistic taste, know how to work with graphic programs and want to open your own business with minimal investment, then making photo paintings will be an ideal business idea for you. A photographic picture is a modern art object that is in demand among many. They are purchased for interior decoration or as a gift.

A photographic picture is a photograph processed in a graphic editor, printed on canvas. Thanks to the structure of the material and the high quality of printing, the photographs look like real paintings – hence the name of the product. 

In the process of processing, the photo undergoes color correction, filters, changes in texture, contrast, sharpness, etc. Everything depends on the principles of the master’s work and the wishes of the client.

Photographs can be classified according to the method of image technique:

  • Modular photo pictures

This is a picture that is divided into separate segments. These segments can be either the same size or completely different. Its parts can be either horizontal or vertical. A whole photo picture, consisting of separate modules, can transform any interior. Moreover, from time to time these modules can be interchanged. And then you can constantly transform the space with the help of such a decorative element.

  • Collage

This is a type of painting in which several photographs are simultaneously presented. A collage can be of any shape and include images that are related in meaning, matching in color, etc.

  • painting poster

This is an image on canvas with a portrait of a famous person. It is very similar to a regular poster, however it is placed on canvas and can be done with a painting technique.

  • picturesque picture

There are special texture gels, thanks to which the image acquires the effect of brush strokes. So an ordinary photograph becomes a real picture, as if painted with paints. This effect can be achieved without the gel, simply by using the editor and converting the photo into a watercolor or oil image. It all depends on your imagination and the wishes of the client.

  • aged painting

Another popular way of presenting photographs is their deliberate aging. as in the case of painting techniques, either special manipulations with an already printed image or retouching in a photo editor can be used here.

Trends in the production of photographic paintings

Today, photographic pictures are not just a good gift to your loved ones for a celebration, but also a real art form. Photo galleries can be found in any major city, but more often, of course, they are located on the Internet. The photographers themselves, whose work can be seen in such places, are truly no less artists than people working with paints.

By visiting the site of such a gallery, you can not only admire the wonderful works of photo artists, but also buy any of them you like. Another trend is the creation of paintings in pictorial technique with the image of the customer himself or his relative, to whom he wants to give a gift.

Why photographic paintings are in demand today

A photograph can become a piece of art and an expensive gift. The main thing is to arrange it correctly. Thanks to modern technologies, you can transfer the image to any surface, including textured canvas. And special graphic programs help to make an art object out of an ordinary photo.

Why do people buy photographs? Even with a wide range of printed canvases available, it is not always possible to find the right one. It’s easier to choose a photo yourself and order its printing on canvas. Paintings made from photographs are an exclusive product. The client can print the image he likes or his portrait, any photo that is suitable in quality for large-format printing. At the same time, the photo can be processed, stylized as famous paintings, made an art portrait and framed in a heavy frame. Such a service as printing a picture from a photo has been on the market for several years. But it is still relevant and in demand.

Consider what you need to open a business in photographic paintings.

Photographs are a great addition to a print business

As the study of the photographic market shows, there are almost no salons that specialize exclusively in their production. Most manufacturers create many similar products using similar technology. This includes printing on T-shirts and mugs, making souvenirs, creating photo books, and simply printing photos.

In a situation where you already have a print production business, it is very convenient to add photo production to it, since you do not need to buy additional equipment, but only need to stock up on all the necessary consumables.

To implement this idea, you can create a portfolio of your work, which is already used in the interiors of clients, or you can hang examples in your studio, which will also be available for purchase. And about how to open a point for printing images on mugs and t-shirts, read the article.

Photographic production technology

Of course, “by default” to start such a business, you must have skills in working with graphics programs. Those who are just learning photo processing skills will have to try and learn everything on their own. On the Internet you can find many video courses and master classes on processing. Especially large selection of training materials for Adobe Photoshop. If you want to quickly master the skills, you can take paid courses. In addition, you will need experience with technology.

The main stages of the production of photographic paintings:

  • The emergence of a creative idea or receiving a customer order.
  • Preparing a photo for printing. Processing, color correction and other manipulations are carried out in a graphics editor. Usually, Adobe Photoshop is used for this purpose. It is important to take into account the size of the future picture and the quality of the source – the size and quality of the finished canvas depends on this.
  • Photo printout on pre-prepared fabric.
  • Trimming fabric to fit the image, processing the edges of the fabric.
  • Fixing the printed canvas on the stretcher.
  • Product packaging.

What equipment is required

The acquisition of the necessary equipment will take away most of the budget at the start. If you plan to start without your own printing press, then you only need to have a computer and licensed software on it. If you decide to organize a full-scale production, then you will also need to purchase all the necessary equipment for printing.

Experts advise starting with minimal investment and printing your orders from third-party organizations – in printing houses and advertising agencies. It is worth thinking about buying equipment only when the number of orders and profits grow to a significant amount. To save money, you can lease printing equipment. The minimum set: a printer or plotter for color wide-format printing on fabric materials, a cutter and an MFP. The purchase of such equipment will cost about 200 thousand rubles. It will be of medium quality.

Consumables for photographic paintings

In addition to equipment, you will have to buy supplies. And there are a lot of them in the work of the printing house. To make paintings from photos you need:

  • Ink for printing. The quality, brightness and clarity of the printed canvas depends on the inks used. Therefore, take your choice responsibly. Study the options and reviews in advance, consult with experienced entrepreneurs.
  • The fabric on which the image is applied, and stretchers for stretching the fabric. Cotton, chintz or calico will do.
  • Framing. To make the picture look spectacular and soundly, take care of a high-quality frame. There are many options for baguettes: plastic, aluminum, wood, etc. Offer the client a choice of several options for different budgets.
  • Accessories and consumables. This is a trifle that almost no attention is paid to, but it is needed in the manufacture of a photographic picture: staples and a stapler for fixing fabric in stretchers, loops for hanging a picture, cutters, special solutions for processing canvases, finishing varnish, gels and more.
  • Another nuance is the packaging of finished products. It can be cardboard boxes, gift bags or craft paper wrapping with your logo.

About 15 thousand rubles will have to be spent on consumables. You can get information about the purchase of which materials is a priority, and which ones are not necessary at all, only when you start your enterprise and calculate production costs.

Business premises

If you plan to print products in a printing house, then you can work from home. If you are planning printing equipment and a small warehouse, then an area of ​​​​20-30 square meters will be enough. meters. Your location does not play a big role: orders can be taken via the Internet and delivered by a transport company. Renting your own office will cost an average of 15 thousand rubles. To conduct such a business, you will not need your own employees on the salary.

Additional services: work with images

In addition to the standard photo printing, you can offer additional services to customers. What could it be?

  • Refinement of the image with oil or acrylic paints, coating with structural gel or artistic varnish. This technique allows you to recreate the texture of the painting. But in order to provide a service, it is necessary to have the skills of artistic processing;
  • Registration of the image in a baguette;
  • In addition to works on order, you can print paintings on various topics and sell them. Particularly popular are reproductions of famous paintings and stylized landscapes;
  • Stylized processing of photographic portraits. Recently, grunge and pop art portraits have become popular;
  • Restoration of old photographs of poor quality with subsequent digitization.

We organize sales: customer search and advertising

Your target audience is mostly people aged 25+ who are already financially well off, as photographs cost a lot of money. It is beneficial for you to cooperate with photo studios and photo studios, private photographers, organizers of corporate events and weddings. All of them can offer your services to potential clients. A special kind of clients are professional artists. They can order prints of their paintings on canvas. Then they sell these canvases for half the price of the originals. You can offer them a discount as a wholesale customer.

Advertising of photographic paintings

Business success is an active advertising campaign. The number and stability of orders, and hence the amount of profit, depend on the effectiveness of advertising. You can promote your services online. You can maintain your account on social networks and upload a portfolio of your work. As a promotion, you can launch targeting, hold a raffle to attract an audience, or announce discounts to increase orders.

You can also advertise your services on other Internet sources: city forums, various publics, ads on sites such as Avito or Masters Fairs.

Many Russian firms for the production and sale of photographic paintings use the following advertising ploy: they record a video of someone solemnly handing a similar picture to their friend, relative or just a close person. Such a gift creates a stable association with the holiday and celebration. And most importantly with an unmistakable version of congratulations. Many, wanting to repeat the effect, similar to what they saw in the video, give pictures to their loved ones.

Put up ads in places with heavy pedestrian traffic, place them in elevators, hand out flyers with discount coupons on the streets. Also, do not forget about the effectiveness of such an advertising method as word of mouth.

Participate in affiliate programs with local photo studios and holiday agencies – they will help attract client flow. Offer the owners of small cafes to decorate the interior of their establishment with your photographs.

Registering a business

Of course, when the sales volume reaches the level at which you can call your activity not additional income, it is worth legalizing your activity by issuing an IP. No special permissions are required, and this step will not cause problems. As OKVED, you can specify:

  • 74.20 Photography activities
  • 18.12 Other types of printing activities

You will also need to open a bank account, register with the Tax and Pension Fund – if you plan to hire employees. Provide installation and registration of CCP. As a taxation system, it is recommended to choose a simplified taxation system in the amount of 6% of income or 15% of net profit. In total, it will take about 7 thousand rubles to register a business.

Also plan your opening times. The photo printing business is considered seasonal. The largest number of orders falls on the summer period (this is the time of weddings, graduations, professional photo shoots, etc.). Therefore, it is better to launch a photo printing salon in the spring, so that there is time to swing for the season.

We consider the income and expenses of the salon of photo paintings

initial investment. A photo salon can be opened with a budget of 30 thousand rubles. Print orders in a printing house and rent a small office where these orders will be taken. This option is suitable for starting until you manage to save money and invest in business development. It is much more profitable to have your own equipment and regulate the entire production process. Therefore, if you still decide to open a full-fledged photo printing salon, you will need about 270 thousand rubles to start. This money will go towards the following costs:

  • business registration – 7 thousand rubles;
  • rent of premises in the first month of work – from 15,000 rubles;
  • purchase of equipment – 150-200 thousand rubles;
  • purchase of consumables – 20 thousand rubles;
  • advertising – from 20,000 rubles.

Monthly expenses. It is also worth considering the monthly costs of running a business:

  • rent of premises – from 15 thousand rubles;
  • purchase of consumables – from 15 thousand rubles;
  • office maintenance – 10 thousand rubles;
  • advertising – from 10 thousand rubles.

The total amount is 50 thousand rubles.

The amount of profit will depend on the city in which you decide to do this type of business, and the complexity of the orders.

The cost of one painting, depending on the size, varies from 500 to 6000 rubles. During the working day, you can independently produce 7-10 paintings, and the revenue will be about 20 thousand rubles. Your fee will be about 40% of this amount. Accordingly, with the maximum load of production per month, you can earn about 160 thousand rubles. At the early stages, you should not expect such volumes, but you can count on a profit of 60 thousand rubles. With such indicators, the initial investment in the amount of 270 thousand rubles will pay off in 4-6 months. This is a very good indicator for small businesses.

The cost of photo paintings

When planning your profit, be sure to calculate the cost of manufacturing a photographic picture. The lower the cost, the higher the net income. Approximate costs for the production of a photographic picture:

  • photo printout – 400 rubles (it all depends on the format);
  • wooden frame – 200 rubles;
  • consumables – 100 rubles (it is difficult to calculate the exact amount);
  • payment for your photo processing services.

On average, the production of a photographic picture will cost 700 rubles. And you can sell it at a price of 1500 rubles and more.

We plan business risks in photographs

  • Technological risk. If you work with a personal printer, then you should be wary of technological risk. The equipment needs to be serviced, repaired in case of breakage. All these are additional costs. If the breakdown turns out to be serious, then you will have to urgently look for another printing house to fulfill orders. It will be possible to avoid technological risk if you buy new high-quality equipment.
  • Damage to products. In the event that you provide a service for the delivery of photographic paintings, damage to the painting may occur. To avoid such situations, choose a reliable, proven courier delivery service. Write down the terms of cooperation and the responsibility of the parties in the contract.
  • seasonality factor. As mentioned above, photographic paintings are sold more successfully in the summer. But even in the off-season, you can keep the volume of orders. Schedule promotions, discounts and sweepstakes for this time.
  • High competition is another risk. The photography business is attractive enough that there are many firms in the market with which you will have to compete. The best way to compete is to stand out, provide quality services and offer favorable conditions for customers. To provide quality services, take care of good equipment and all consumables. Pay attention not only to the quality of the product, but also to the service (fast order fulfillment, delivery service, the ability to place an order via the Internet, packaging, etc.). To offer favorable conditions for customers, develop a loyalty program and introduce a system of cumulative discounts.

Today, the photo printing business is very popular. As long as the niche is not crowded, you still have the opportunity to enter the market and open your own business. To do this, you need a small start-up capital and creativity. Everyone should try it, especially since the risks are minimal.


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