Igropraktik “1000 ideas”: an anti-crisis addition to your way of earning


If you have worked or are working in the service industry, have many contacts, and are looking for an additional source of online income that would please both your pocket and your soul, consider hosting online psychological games.

As time shows, today you can not be completely confident in any type of business or way of earning. It is unlikely that at the beginning of 2020, anyone assumed that ordinary hairdressers, coffee houses, hotels or sports clubs could be closed everywhere in the spring. But it still happened. In the face of uncertainty and uncertainty about the future, any person, both in the process of creating a business and already having one, is looking for new additional ways to earn money or diversify their usual activities. 

For the overwhelming majority, the wishes for a “fallback option” are: extremely low initial investment, the ability to work online at a convenient time for yourself and minimal costs for organizing the work itself. In this article, we will consider just one of these options.

Old base – new business

Many business areas (especially in the service sector) are initially tied to building trusting and almost personal relationships with people. Customers who liked your service, liked its specialists, often become regular customers. They get a quality service – you, a loyal client, bringing friends and acquaintances on the recommendation. But what if you look at this base of loyal customers not only from the perspective of your type of income or business? Can’t you be of any use to each other anymore? What other MUTUALLY BENEFICIAL benefit can you bring to each other? 

It is no secret that the process of providing many types of services is accompanied by personal communication with customers. For example, massage and spa services often turn into an easy and relaxed discussion of health and longevity, youth, beauty and the psychology of relationships. 

Often, not only in the beauty industry (manicurists, barbers, beauty salon workers, etc.) are happy to support a conversation with a client, but also in the field of: 

  • tourism and sports (tour guides and guides, fitness trainers and leaders of yoga courses), 
  • education (tutors, teachers), 
  • b2b spheres, 
  • entertainment industry (hosts and organizers of events) 

and many other areas. Knowing the pains of your clients, as well as the psychological problems that concern them, like no one else, you can offer them a solution – to participate in an exciting psychological board game-training, which will be devoted to exactly the topic that is relevant to them at the moment of life!

Better than a psychologist, more useful than a game

It is no secret that in Russia the attitude towards psychologists among the population is not the best. And the point here is not only the abundance of dubious specialists, but rather the lack of a culture of visiting psychologists. The author of this article will forever remember the words spoken by a practicing psychologist who has worked in this field for many years:

“Psychology as a business industry, which exists in the West, for example, in the USA, does not exist in our country. Why? Yes, because our person is more likely to go with his problems and tears to his friend and girlfriend. Moreover, this friend or girlfriend will listen and help him better than a psychologist, because he knows him a hundred times longer and won’t take money “for a consultation” in the kitchen. 

Getting to the first introductory meeting with a psychologist, the result is immediately expected from the psychologist, but, as a rule, no one gets it. Few people understand that to get the effect, work is needed, the work of both parties and a course of at least 10 meetings are needed, but few people want to sit them out and pay for it.

Nevertheless, the psychological problems of people do not go away, and the format of “consultations in the kitchen” is far from the best way out. Is there really no modern format of helping people today, taking into account both effective psychological methods and convenience for clients? Of course there is!

One of these formats is conducting psychological consultations in the format of games. Today, gamification is one of the global trends. Quests, quizzes, challenges, flash mobs and much more – it’s all about the same thing. Many industries have loved the game because it allows you to do complex, boring and serious things – simple, fun and without too much hassle. Thanks to the game, psychology was not only finally able to leave the dusty classrooms for a more mass audience, but also acquired in many ways – more live experience and communication with modern and active people. 

Most often, psychological games are board games, but when playing them, participants not only have fun, but also get rid of many of their troubles in an easy and unboring way. Games are devoted to completely different topics. 

In a metaphorical, allegorical form, the topics of family relationships and the problems of finding a partner, issues of self-knowledge and development, choosing a life path and overcoming conflicts, searching for a business idea and building a professional career are played out and worked out…  

The passage of even one such game always has a tangible effect on a person’s life, not without reason many of them are called transformational. However, their secret lies in the fact that it is psychologically comfortable to go through them: with the help of the game, a person does not feel like being interrogated by a specialist, who often climbs where he can and where he cannot. Unlike a psychologist’s reception, the host of events (they are also called game practitioners ) acts more as a prompter and guide. 

Due to the fact that many games are based on stories and fairy tales , during the game it is much easier for the participant to consider his situation from the side, from the position of fairy-tale heroes and their misadventures. It becomes not scary to solve your problem – but … interesting!

Most often, the psychological game takes place in mini-groups, so the participants immediately receive feedback and support from other players who can look at the task in a completely different way. Accordingly, even if the game turns into a multi-day phased game training or intensive, then most people are ready to pay for it.

The essence of psychological games is that in the form of a game a person is taught the method of independent search for answers to their own questions. It is for this effect that such games are very popular today.

The participants of psychological games are people of completely different ages and from any field of activity. Psychological games are interesting for young people and pensioners, women and men, residents of small towns and megacities, representatives of small and medium-sized businesses.

But the most attractive thing is that today such events are possible not only in anti-cafes, co-working spaces and rented halls, but also in a remote format, in the mode of multi-user online conferences.  The host himself does not need to be a psychologist by education, why – we answer.

How much can you earn on game practice

Earnings on psychological games are attractive, primarily with small investments. The main expenses at the start will require training in games , which takes place online, as well as (optionally) the purchase of game materials for the first games, if you also want to play games offline. 

The business package “Igropraktik” from the company “1000 Ideas” was created in such a way that in two days the participant could master a new profession in demand and build his business as simply as possible. The choice of topics depends on your any topics and your experience: in most cases, game practitioners choose topics that are of interest to them.

After the training, the participant will have something to offer both students and aspiring entrepreneurs, and women who are in search of a life partner, and fans of a “healthy body and spirit”, and leaders of large companies who are looking for new business development options. 

You can learn more about the game pack.

Investments. The cost of the Igropraktik business package from 1000 Ideas  is 69,000 rubles. As described above, this amount includes training in all the necessary knowledge and skills that will be needed in the work, as well as a set of game materials and instructions. Since the training takes place online, you do not need to spend money on travel and accommodation, as with full-time training. 

Revenue. How much can you earn as a gamer? Income depends on what kind of business format you choose and what kind of games you play. To simplify the calculations, we will take two conditional types of games: training games (take about 8 hours, cost – 5000 rubles per player, number of players – 3), and short games (duration – up to 3 hours, cost – 1500 per player, number of players – 6).

  • 3-4 short games per month.  Let’s say you’re comfortable playing games two or three times a month and doing some other activity the rest of the time. Accordingly, by organizing 3-4 short games, you can earn 27-36 thousand rubles. Good amount for extra income.
  • 8 short games + 4 training games.  If you are already more immersed in the game and actively play both types of games, let’s say that you play 12 games per month (8 short + 4 long). In this case, your revenue will be about 132 thousand rubles.

Expenses.  A huge plus of conducting psychological games is that the costs in this business are minimal. If you are going to play games offline, then they include only three main items: renting a room, stationery and coffee breaks (buying cookies, coffee, tea and other things for participants) and advertising. If you are going to play games online (you can read more about the online format of this business  here ), then only the costs of advertising and a subscription to the online service 1000-cards.ru remain. In addition, when purchasing the Igropraktik package , access to the online service for conducting 10 programs of the “1000 Ideas” company is free for a year ! Let’s calculate the costs for the second business option (8 short games + 4 long ones) for online and offline formats. 

Current expenses of game practice

Offline format15,000500020 00040 000
Online format20 000The first year is free.
Further 5,000 rubles / month.
25 000

As you can see, the main expense item is advertising. According to our estimates, for regular games not in the part-time format, it will be necessary to spend about 20 thousand rubles on advertising. per month. If at first you need to invest in promotion as much as possible, then word of mouth begins to work, and current costs can gradually decrease.

Net profit and profitability.  It is easy to calculate that when working offline, the pre-tax profit will be 98 thousand rubles, online – 107 thousand rubles. When working as a self-employed person, net income after taxes will be about 93 and 102 thousand rubles, respectively. With these parameters, the profitability of the online business format will be 77%, offline – about 70%. We note that the above figures only illustrate the income that the game practitioner receives under the parameters we set, which are below market ones. So, according to our calculations, the average cost of a psychological game lasting 2-3 hours per person in Russia is about 2,000 rubles. 

Payback period.  Taking into account the cost  of the “Igropraktik” package  in the amount of 69 thousand rubles, the investments spent on training can pay off already in the first month of work.

Igropraktik online: play games from anywhere in the world

Until recently, the business of conducting psychological games was possible only in person, but now it can be organized online as well.

Benefits of working online:

  • trend niche : according to Openbusiness.ru, even before the start of the 2020 pandemic, every third specialist working with similar methods was interested or tried to work in an online format;
  • you can do business from any part of the world , there is no reference to a place;
  • a minimum is required for work : a computer with Internet access is enough;
  • no costs for renting premises and organizing events;
  • the customer base is not tied to a specific city , services can be provided to an unlimited number of people, you get access to foreign clientele.
  • more activities . The number of consultations and events per day compared to the face-to-face format can be increased: productivity increases.
  • no extra hands or full-time employees are needed: everything can be handled alone.

The games are held directly on the basis of a special Internet service of the 1000-cards.ru service , developed by the 1000 Ideas company. You can learn more about its capabilities.

Many partners and game practitioners of “1000 Ideas” have already appreciated the merits of this format of work, since when working online it is possible to focus directly on the work itself and promotion , and rent, costs for organizational questions, photography, purchase of consumables (markers, notepads) are completely excluded from the list of costs , pens), spending on coffee breaks, etc.


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