Overview of the metaphorical map market. Part 2. Counseling


Metaphoric Map Counseling (MAC) is a service increasingly offered by psychologists, coaches and related professionals. What formats of practices with MAC exist, what are the prices for them and who are the people who offer such services? All this in our review.

If in the first part of the review of the metaphorical cards market (MAC) we directly considered the situation with the metaphorical cards themselves and their sale , then in the second part we decided to turn to consulting issues using this tool. The main difficulty for analysis is that no one can give an accurate estimate of the number of specialists who use metaphorical cards in their work. Some conclusions on the topic as a whole can only be given by an analysis of proposals for organizing services using MAC on the Internet and social networks, user search queries and information from specialized sites.

According to one of the largest databases of psychologists b17.ru, in August 2017, 849 specialists were registered, in whose profile there is a mention of working with metaphorical cards. At the time of writing, this is about 4% of the total number of registered specialists on the site (22014 specialists). The largest number of psychologists who know how to work with metaphorical cards work in Moscow – 203 people. St. Petersburg (93 specialists), Chelyabinsk (33 specialists) and Rostov-on-Don (30 specialists) are also leaders among million-plus cities.

Table 1. The number of psychologists who are familiar with the methodology of working with metaphorical cards in the largest cities of Russia*

2St. Petersburg93
26Nizhny Novgorod7

*according to the b17.ru site database as of 08/18/2017

Of course, the site’s data does not include all the specialists working with MAC, but it clearly illustrates the level of competition and market occupancy in different cities. For example, in Krasnodar, with a population of about 880 thousand inhabitants, there are at least 41 specialists in working with MAC, while in Nizhny Novgorod, where more than 1260 thousand people live, there are clearly fewer such specialists, since in one of the most there are only 7 people in popular bases.

Types and formats of consultation with MAC

Secondly, we decided to find out what formats of services using the MAK exist and how the level of prices for services varies depending on the format. Immediately make a reservation that the prices are given without taking into account such factors as subject matter and authorship.

Counseling using metaphorical cards can be divided into two types. These are individual consultations and group consultations. There are many more formats. These can be face-to-face or remote events, club meetings, trainings, seminars, lectures, courses and much more. In Table 1, we tried to present all the main formats of services and the range of prices for them based on the results of the analysis of the prices of popular sites on this topic. The most expensive product on the market, as you might guess, is a training course, the cost of which can reach 80 thousand rubles, the most budgetary format can be express consultations via Skype (from 300 rubles).

Table 2. Formats of services with metaphorical cards and their prices

Individual consultations with MAC  
Individual consultation with MAC(face-to-face format)Individual consultation on one of the declared topics with the personal presence of a consultant45-60 min.700-2500
Remote individual consultation with MACIndividual consultation on one of the declared topics in a remote format(session via Skype or other service)45-60 min.500-2500
Remote express consultation with MACExpress consultation on a specific situation remotely(session via Skype or other service)30 min.300-600
Group work with MAC
club meetingClub meeting for specialists and fans of MAC. Informal atmosphere, established circle of participants.90-120 min.500-700
A gameConducting psychological games with MAC, a large number of participants, an audience of different gender / age / social status is possible at the game.120-180 min.200-1500
LectureLecture on working with MAC, theory without practice45-90 min.400-1000
Seminar, workshopA large amount of theoretical knowledge from the facilitator, group discussions, a small number of exercises.90-180 min.700-5000
trainingThe format of work with a large number of exercises and a minimum amount of theory.90-180 min.800-8000
WebinarConducting an online meeting on any given topic using a specialized platform for webinars.90-120 min.500-5000
WellA series of trainings, lectures, games, seminars on any one topic or request, or several topics. Usually pass in a few days.from 450 min.5000-80000
Webinar coursewebinar series. Remote group lessons through a special service.from 450 min.3000-35000

In addition to providing services, most MAC practitioners sell ready-made video courses, recordings of their trainings, lectures, seminars, webinars and other events of various durations. Also, an additional source of income is the sale of author’s manuals for working with metaphorical cards, collections of exercises and techniques, as well as ready-made packages that may include a whole range of services and goods.

Perhaps the main feature of consulting using the MAC is that offers of such services are mainly aimed at an audience that not only has an idea of ​​what metaphorical cards are, but also wants to expand the range of their own possibilities for working with them. In other words, since the “raw” audience, which needs only consultation, does not see the difference between different methods, the main emphasis in consulting with metaphorical cards is placed precisely on a narrow audience, consisting of beginners in working with MAC. These can be people who have just learned about the possibilities of metaphorical cards and wish to use them with greater benefit, start independent counseling or expand their competence in the professions of a psychologist, coach, business coach, host of events or a specialist in related industries. In connection with the above, all proposals for working with MAC on the market can be divided into two types. Representatives of the first are specialists working with the mass market, that is, a raw audience, and representatives of the second are consultants who work mainly for a ready-made audience. Moreover, MAK for a raw audience is more or less actively promoted only in 20% of cases.

MAC Coaches

So, who offers consulting services with metaphorical cards? In this article, we also decided to analyze 100 random profiles of MAC consultants on the Internet and calculate which words they most often use to describe their professional biography. These statistics, of course, cannot provide comprehensive data on the qualifications and level of professional training, but it helps to paint a general portrait of a person offering consultation services with the IAC.

So, the largest number of such people are psychologists – 68%. Most often, the word “psychologist” is supplemented by the word “practical”, which experts want to emphasize not only the presence of a psychological education, but also the conduct of their own practice. In 40% of cases, IAC consultants tend to indicate that they are trainers or trainers, i.e. at least have experience with a group. 31% are Gestalt therapists, another 29% designate the words “coach” and “business coach” in their profile. A quarter of all specialists declare that they are the author of their own project or program. It is also worth noting that there is also a large number of art therapists among practicing MAC (23%).

It is interesting that only 14% consult with their own metaphorical cards – that is how many percent indicate in the biography that they are the authors of the MAC.

Another feature of the IAC specialists is a rather large number of people of dubious qualifications – about 12-16%. For example, the analysis of profiles revealed 7 spiritual healers, 7 tarologists, as well as people who identify themselves as “energy therapist”, “parapsychologist” and even “witch”. In contrast to such profiles, there are those that are more credible. For example, about 20% of practitioners working with the MAC indicate membership in any professional communities, organizations, guilds, etc. as one of their advantages. 12 people out of 100 say that they are members of the ICF – International Coaching Federation. It is the leading international coaching organization that issues the so-called “gold standard” diplomas recognized all over the world.

Trends in consulting with MAC

One of the main trends in consulting with MAK is the expansion of the range of MAK applications. From a tool in the work of a psychologist, metaphorical cards are gradually turning into a tool used everywhere. The number of specialized trainings and courses based solely on the use of metaphorical cards is growing, their topics are expanding.

The second point is technical. To work with MAC, remote formats of work are more actively used, consultations are held not only via Skype, but also through specialized services with advanced functionality created for working with MAC. There are paid mobile applications that are used to download and create decks, online spreads, work with cards in solo mode and with the ability to invite guests. Search queries also speak about the high proportion of those wishing to work with MAC online. Approximately 34.4% of people interested in learning and working with maps specify that they are interested in the online format of consultations.


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